Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Episodes of Earshot

So here they are, the summer episodes of Earshot, all in one blast:

... and then the archiver broke...but we will have more for you when it gets fixed!

Earshot--An Update

So it's been a while since Earshot has posted any episodes up here, and that is my fault. I just took over as producer this summer and it has been a bit crazy getting everything together. I promise that once the new semester starts this will be updated at least weekly if not sooner. 

Keep a look out on here for some outtakes of this weeks episode of Earshot with guest Dana Farrrington, a journalism major at NYU, who recently returned from a trip to Guatemala where she interviewed feminist activists and artists.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doppler Effect, June 23rd

Aresh Javadi, the Executive Director of More Gardens!, came in to talk to us about a hearing that was taking place in City Hall. On top of this, we spoke about what a community garden is, and their history.

June 23rd

It was a good conversation. Coming into the interview I had a rudimentary idea about what a community garden was, but these seem like neat additions to any community. This might also be the last interview in the "environmental" theme that we have had on the show recently. While it was not explicitly stated, the last couple of shows have focused on different green grassroot organizations in NYC.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Doppler Effect, June 16th


This weeks Doppler Effect was about the Green Map System, which shows different sustainable areas that locals of an area can edit and create. We had Mrs. Wendy Brawer, the executive director, come in and talk about it.

Doppler Effect, June 16

I thought that the interview came out great, the different ways that one could contribute and create maps is interesting, and the program itself is a lot more subtle powerful than I thought.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doppler Effect for the last Couple of Weeks

So, unfortunately I have been very remiss in my updating of the blog. I will be honest, I didn't take the time to update it.

June 2nd

Jeff Sebo

Jeff and I speak about Environmentalism and he tries to convince me to become Vegan.

May 26th

Jayanti Tamm

Mrs. Tamm wrote Cartwheels In a Sari which is about being the chosen one for a cult.

May 19th

Mark Simpson

The Head Mechanic for Time's Up comes onto the show to talk about what Time's Up is and what they stand for.

May 12th

Allan St. Pierre

Mr. Pierre and I speak about the actions that NORML are doing. Focusing on the news that Arnold Schwarzeneger was considering the legalization of Marijuana in California.
May 5th

Michael Strevens

Professor Strevens and I speak about the paradox of induction and what it means and how it has plagued the Philosophy of Science.

April 28th

Luis Arturo Verduzco

Luis and I speak about his recent article in Stroke. The new method that he proposes could revolutionize the way that we treat stroke patients.

April 21st

Sam Beigi

Mr. Beigi is the CEO of Advanced Solar, which is a solar panel company. We speak about what the future of solar energy is, what exactly solar energy is to begin with, and the limitations that it has.

April 14th

Dr. Omar Khan

Dr.Khan was a keynote speaker at Health Care for All, which was a rally in Harlem, New York. We speculate about whether national health care is possible.

April 7th
Dr. Joe Hedrick

Benjamin Cross comes back to speak with Dr. Hedrick about common myths and misconsceptions that are inherent in the public sphere.

March 31st
Andrew Norton

Mr. Norton is the head of the Pirate Party International. We speak about what they stand for, what they are trying to do, and where they are going. Also, about their platforms.

March 24th
Glen Kerbein

Mr. Kerbein is the head of the Pirate Party of the United States. Much with the discussion with Mr. Norton we focus on what they will do and what they want to do. However, the discussion is more focused on the United States.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earshot May 7th

The much anticipated NYU President John Sexton interview!

Wish we could have gotten to cover more ground. Perhaps a sequel... 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Earshot April 30th

Earshot hosts and guests hold a panel on Obama's first 100 days in  office.